Backup Solutions

  • Job Specific Backup Policy and Planning
  • Backup over FTP and sFTP
  • Backup via Distributed Object Storage
  • Periodic Operating System Image
  • Geographic Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the servers used in the backup service reliable?

Our backup service consists of systems installed on cloud servers working in IaaS layer and works in a hardware redundant structure. In this way, you get a much more reliable infrastructure than a normal server.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is a backup solution that includes a number of policies and procedures that enable the continuation of the work of natural or man-made disasters, the technological infrastructure of your applications and the systems in which they are connected. It is used in critical work.

What are the locations used in geographic backup service?

Apart from our data center located in Denizli, 11 different locations are used in Turkey and abroad.

What is Distributed Object Storage?

The smallest clone of the Amazon S3 service is our PaaS service, which allows you to take advantage of generic storage services without having to write extra code for components written in Amazon S3 in programming languages.