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One-to-One Redundant Hardware

The hypervisor servers, storage equipment and the intermediate switches used in the Netinternet Cloud Server service are positioned as completely one-to-one redundant. Your virtual server will not shut down in all physical processes in SuperMicro custom design servers, and in the event of any failure, your virtual server will immediately restart on a suitable hypervisor server. With the cloud server service, you do not need to consider hardware failures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud computing and cloud data center?

It is a flexible information technology concept in which services are running in a common resource pool by abstracting hardware and software infrastructures in cloud computing data centers. The cloud data center is the service that creates cloud computing infrastructure that allows you to provide full control over all of them if you need more than one cloud server.

What are the advantages of the cloud data center?

Imagine that a cabinet full of servers actually works like a server. This large resource pool, as much as you want to use the time it is possible with the cloud data center to reduce your costs. Thanks to its redundant infrastructure, it prevents you from being affected by hardware failures.

How much resources are needed when migrating our physical servers to the cloud data center?

Resource analysis is a free service given to our customers. In this service, a detailed analysis of the services you use in your business is done. Variables such as service, software, operating system, current resource consumption of these software, number of users are collected by us. As a result of this analysis, the most appropriate cloud computing solutions are designed by you.

How do we move our physical servers to cloud servers?

The transfer of your services to the cloud computing environment can be done in different ways. These options are planned according to your needs and the transition process is planned. Netinternet technical team will assist you in any transition operation.

Can we use the cloud data center and other services as a whole?

Sometimes cloud servers may need hardware or additional services (Firewall, IPS, Load Balancing, etc.) that have to be included. It is possible to use this type of hybrid cloud structures in all our cloud services.