Load / Weakness Test

The load test and weakness test is one of our services that allows you to test how much your applications are delivered to your infrastructure in the real environment, whether they are protected against basic security vulnerabilities, and not to experience bad surprises in the real business environment.

Zayiflik testi

How Does the Weakness Test Work?

It helps you to find simple vulnerabilities by using various tools on the integrated platforms that perform the security tests of your web applications and to identify the vulnerabilities you have overlooked in your system.

How the Load Test Works?

In our load test application, we report how your system and infrastructure behave in the face of this huge load by sending millions of virtual simultaneous users programmed into your software with real user behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many visitors can be sent in the load test?

In our load test application, approximately one million simultaneous virtual users can move around, such as real-time real-time users.

If my weakness test results are positive, does it mean that my application is safe?

No, the weakness test is a system infrastructure that tests only simple vulnerabilities that makes it for your web application and server.

I don't have any services on Netinternet but can I still use these services?

Weakness and load tests are currently only available to our customers on Netinternet.

Do you support the elimination of non-conformities in the test results?

This issue is within the scope of our management services. You can get support by using our management services to improve your test results.