Managed Servers

You focus on your projects, we are managing your server.

  • Free cPanel/WHM or DirectAdmin
  • Support for All Linux Operating Systems
  • Optional Hybrid, Geoconfiguration
  • Cloud Native SaaS Application Solutions
  • Virtualized Operating System
  • Custom Non-shared Internet Access
  • Total 61 Pieces IP Allocation
  • Optional Geographical Redundancy
  • Free Private Backup Space
  • Free Web Application Firewall
  • ** Free SSL Certification
  • ** Free Anti-DDoS Firewall

Can you learn more about managed servers?

Kontrol Paneli

Online Management Panel

Although you cannot access your server as a ROOT on Managed Servers, you can view the entire resource usage of your server online with historical records, and if you wish, you can intervene in the power management of your server. You can manage all your websites with the world-famous cPanel/WHM or the affordable control panel DirectAdmin that comes with your server for free.

cPanel Kontrol Paneli

cPanel Control Panel

Web-based hosting control panel cPanel is easy to manage your web sites with every aspect, user-friendly interface and responsive support. Here are a few of the dozens of features that cPanel provides you;

  • Turkish Control Panel
  • E-Mail Management
  • Online Backup
  • Database Management
  • Detailed Log Records
  • Subdomain Management
  • FTP Account Management
  • Online Transfer
  • Account Statistics
  • One Touch Setup
  • File Manager
  • Customizable

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share my server's ROOT access?

No, ROOT access is not shared with our users in any managed services. We only provide a reseller account with no limit to all features on cPanel / WHM. Other than that, we will do all the work for you.

Will there be INODE Limit, Memory Limit, Mail Limit?

Because the server you use belongs to you, no limit in the normal shared hosting services is used unless you want to. However, we would like to remind you that the INODE limit is found on all hard disks, physically, that you have a CPU and Memory limit.

Can the settings on the server be changed according to the software I want to use?

Yeah! You can publish your websites with the freedom to have your server and the configuration that suits your work environment.

Why offer me a virtualized environment?

Virtualization provides flexibility, we offer a virtualized environment to ensure continuous availability of your resources or to continuously change physical hardware, ie to ensure business continuity.

How is SSL certificate and DDoS protection free?

SSL certificates and DDoS protection service are free by the end of 2017. However, this does not mean that the fee will be charged after 2017, certificates are automatically generated via and DDoS service is provided by Netinternet 's service providers.