Netinternet provides domestic main internet access through Türk Telekom and Türk Telekom is connected to MPLS backbone with two different ring connections and 2 different ring connections with 4 different points.

All of the network equipments that constitute the backbone are positioned to operate from end to end. In accordance with the demands of our customers, 1Gbit copper or fiber, 10Gbit and 40Gbit fiber ports can be connected to the router via a single router.

For network security, our data center network has different features of Firewall and IPS hardware. In addition, in order to provide network communication in our R & D team, we are able to produce special services in the private sector in our private sector. We also use high-performance anti-DDoS services in all our overseas and domestic operators, and offer them to our service. Currently our DDoS filtering capacity is 2Tbps (2000Gbps).


The power installed in our data center, which is fed directly to the medium voltage power line, is 1.5MW.

In case of power failure, our AKSA brand N + 1 positioned generators meet the energy needs of our data center continuously in 4 hour intervals against long continuous interruptions.

The EATON Powerware parallel UPS system used in our Data Center is paralleled by 2N + 2, with two more large-capacity and redundant spare parts. Our UPS system is equipped with a battery capacity to meet the power demand of our data center for up to 30 minutes during potential power cuts and generator switching. The battery packs used are the best quality batteries in the market while feeding the UPSs in 4 different sections. Battery measurements are made monthly and changes are made every 3 years.


Our data center is cooled by the N+1 structure Liebert Hiross precision controlled air conditioning systems with the selected equipments considering the climatic conditions of the geographic region where we are located.

The cabin and server layout in all of our data centers are designed with hot air and cold air corridors in mind and the air flow is given under 60 cm raised floor. The raised floor has been specially strengthened against an earthquake hazard.


Netinternet data center, 7x24, 365 days with professional technical team, serves around the clock. In Netinternet data center, our competent staff, who always work in three shifts rather than on duty personnel, are working to answer/solve your problems and demands. It can receive 7x24 service within the scope of SLA contract by professional teams related to problems that may occur in cooling and energy infrastructure.


Our company, which attaches importance to business continuity and quality, has the following documents in all business processes: TS ISO IEC 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems, TS ISO IEC 27001: 2013 Information Security Management Systems, ISO 20000-1 Information Technology and Service Management Systems, ISO 22301: 2013 Social Security and Business Continuity Management Systems

Infrastructure Above Tier 2 Standards

The Internet data center "Tier 2 Level", the standard of TIA-942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers, published by the Telecommunucations Industry Association, an American National Standards Institute-accredited body, applies the minimum requirements for communication infrastructure and server rooms.

Netinternet also has a redundant over Tier 2 level. These include N + 1 positioned generator, N + 1 positioned air conditioning and 2N + 2 UPS systems.