Peering Policy

Netinternet, which has been serving as the first and only data center in the southern Aegean region in Turkey since 2006, has a strategic importance with its geographical location. Netinternet has an open peering policy at all times and can peer free of charge within technical means with anyone with consistent routes with appropriate standards.

IP prefixes of Netinternet are announced by default, IP prefixes of our customers are announced to you with their consent. Since Netinternet provides services to companies that provide hosting services for commercial purposes, our traffic consists of high content and is in the direction of upload.

Netinternet takes PeeringDB records as reference, you are expected to have a current PeeringDB membership before starting the BGP session. As the filters are applied automatically for the side to be connected, it is expected that there will be an AS-SET record on the connected RIR. Industry standard filters will be applied to ensure connection quality and routes. You can contact us for more information.

Anyone can request BGP sessions free of charge for anycast announcements, including full-route or default-route, for servers (including virtual servers, co-location, dedicated server) purchased from Netinternet or purchased from It can carry traffic over GRE or a different protocol over the session started here.

Network Information

AS Number : AS51559
IPv4 Prefix : 380
IPv6 Prefix : 120
Peering Policy : Open (IPv4/IPv6)
Peering Contact :
NOC Contact : (7x24 365 Days)
PeeringDB :

BGP Community

For community uses less than /24 (for IPv6 from /48) in prefix length, you need to obtain permission and request your filters to be updated in this way. This may be particularly restricted in BGP sessions that make operations affecting the workflow.

Description Community
IPv4 /32 or IPv6 /128 blackhole to upstream providers 51559:666
IPv4 /32 or IPv6 /128 blackhole to outside of Turkey 51559:555
IPv4 or IPv6 prefix advertised only in Turkey 51559:444
IPv4 or IPv6 prefix do not advertised any upstream peers 51559:0
Do Not Advertised and Prepend
Do not advertise this prefix to AS number XXX 65100:XXX
Prepend once your AS to AS number XXX 65101:XXX
Prepend twice your AS to AS number XXX 65102:XXX
Prepend three times your AS to AS number XXX 65103:XXX
Assigning a Local Preference
Set prefix local preference value to 20 51559:1020
Set prefix local preference value to 50 51559:1050
Set prefix local preference value to 150 51559:1150
Set prefix local preference value to 200 51559:1200
Set prefix local preference value to 300 51559:1300
Large community values assigned by Netinternet
Routes from Upstream XXX ASN 51559:XXX:1000
Routes from Downstream XXX ASN 51559:1000:XXX
Routes from Internet Exchange XXX ASN 51559:1010:XXX