Anti-DDoS Firewall Services

Netinternet provides IT security within the scope of corporate services. With high capacity IPS, IDS, Firewall equipments, we provide you with safe IT services. 2 Tbps (2000 Gbps) overseas 320 Gbps domestic capacity Anti-DDoS systems and high-capacity networks with our connections with our services to protect against DDoS attacks, business continuity provide.

Do you need custom enterprise firewall and Anti-DDoS solutions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the firewall service provided?

Our stateless firewall service that works only on Layer4 layer works on a backlog based router or on an access-list based on external devices. All configuration and rule list is provided by users and processed by technical support professionals.

How is anti-DDoS protection provided?

The equipment and internet bandwidth used in the provision of this service are provided by Turk Telekom and the other foreign operator. Our international operator while in one of the world's largest internet traffic exchange centers, our domestic operator is one of Turkey's biggest open call operator.

What is the anti-DDoS service charge?

Pricing is based on the amount of clean traffic. For example; If you have 100Mbps internet access and 5 Terabyte traffic quota in a server service that you purchase, the Anti-DDoS charge clean traffic calculation will be up to the quota of your current server service. In this case, 10 Gbps size of the attack, even if it takes a week, but you do not have to pay a price over the cleaned traffic price.

When I want Anti-DDoS service, can I turn it off at any time?

If you do not have any commitment to the service, you can terminate it and get it again. However, if you do not have a C-CLASS (/ 24 Subnet) IP address, you need to change your IP addresses every time you do.

Can I configure the Anti-DDoS service to our specific needs?

You can configure the Anti-DDoS service to your specific needs. To do this, you need the Anti-DDoS infrastructure to be created specifically for you. A service fee of $ 1000 per month is charged for this service, excluding taxes.