Netinternet was established at 9th September 2006 in Denizli. Our company provides to everyone Data Center, Cloud and Web Hosting Services for more than 10 years. As of 2016, Netinternet is the second data center who has the most website hosting in own IP range. And also, Netinternet is one of Turkey's best known data centers, using innovation and technology to improve itself.

Netinternet reduces your costs in the field of information technologies and adds value to your business with its produced technologies. Also, Netinternet assures you with high level redundant infrastructure and operation unit working on 24/7.

You can visit the chronology section of the right menu to monitor the development of our company over the years.

Our Vision

We want Netinternet to be best data center in Turkey with our produced technologies and services.

Our Mission

In the scope of this vision Netinternet;

  • Collaborates with the best software and hardware manufacturers in the field,
  • It includes all instruments for serving users of any scale,
  • It offers every vehicle within its structure as self-service via the latest technology automation system.
  • Works best with trained, qualified people,
  • It gives importance to the training and development,
  • Competes to be the first company to integrate international technological innovations into the system,
  • Information generates and shares,
  • The technical support it provides for its customers is the best and the most extreme.